Social Paediatric Center, Dresden

The Center is the pearl of the Neustadt Clinic in Dresden. The user is the focus of this building, where space extends beyond traditional visual patterns; where conventional architectural experiences are broadened and heightened. The social pediatric center is a day clinic directed by pediatricians which provides early diagnosis and therapy of developmental disorders, disabilities and illnesses of infants, children and young adults. The idea of the new building is to support the development of the children and to present the doctors, psychologists, therapists and educators with innovative options to integrate the “architectural energy” into the individual therapies. Our goal is to activate the personal senses by using form, color, fragrances, sound, haptic surfaces and light to create a positive experience of the space.

The building is accessible by the east and west wings of the clinic. When entering the entrance foyer, the visitor is embraced by the architecture. The curved ceiling melts into the floor space, conveying a sense of security, beauty and peacefulness. The interior color scheme of dark cyan flowing into a lighter cyan enhances the experience and gives the sweeping lines of the ceiling, which glides into the walls, the impression of lightness and a fresh atmosphere. The building integrated fragrance and audio system streams relaxing fragrances into the building while sounds float through the airwaves.

The exterior space and greenery belongs inextricably to the building, thereby extending the therapy area to include the outdoors. The geometry of the building divides the outdoor space into four areas. The areas will be designed as theme gardens that invite the user to sit, relax, read, sun themselves or just listen. The architectural form allows for a construction that is sustainable and implements a responsible use of valuable resources. For example, textile reinforced concrete is planned. Textile reinforced concrete delivers a lighter and more efficient supporting structure using less material than conventional building materials.


Energy Concept,
Interior and Exterior Space Concept,
Goal to meet the German Seal for Sustainable Building (Gold),
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Space and Function Organigram,
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