Residential modules

Residential Towers, Abu Dhabi

The design concept is based on the need for creating an individual identity for its users within an urban context. Building on this idea, gpac developed a residential module unit incorporating the principal of a “single family house.”

The ensemble is composed of six differentiated towers all based on a unified design principal. The two northern and two southern towers flank the outer edges of the ensemble and simultaneously mark the building site boundaries. The two towers, positioned in the center of the ensemble, are juxtaposed at an angle to one another lending the ensemble a measure of excitement and creating a point of interest.

The solid concrete threestory foundation provides the basis for the six towers. Various residential unit types and sizes were realized including maisonette flats. Each floor is accessed from two lobby areas facing each other, each possessing a group of double elevators and an escape staircase. The common areas on each level are simultaneously the circulation areas and the loggia and garden areas provide additional fresh air and outside areas for the towers.

Deeply drilled holes under the towers combined with the open vertical and horizontal construction of the building utilize the natural thermal qualities of the tower to cool its interior. In addition to highly insulating story-high sun protection glazing, the exterior of the building is equipped with cantilevered horizontal sunshades shielding the structure and the residences from the extreme heat.



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