Computer centre 4, Bautzen

The new intelligence AG computer centre is to be built directly on the B96 from Dresden to Bautzen with a view of the Ortenburg castle. As a design and functional study, gpac developed a building that, with its dynamic and transparent architecture, conveys the image of intelligence AG as a leading full-range SAP service provider, and that sets a new standard for sustainable construction.

The design of the building complex is divided into two parts in front of the backdrop of the various areas of activity, the shape of the site and its accessibility: the two-storey computing centre is integrated inconspicuously into the topography of southern part of the property, since approximately two-thirds of its cubature is underground and disappears behind trees, plants and under the green roof landscape. The higher part of the property in the north will be home to the two-storey, seemingly floating office building above the computing centre as an emblem that can be seen from far away.

Employees, visitors and guests reach the covered entrance along the curved driveway, entering the reception area of the building complex through the vestibule. Numerous consultation rooms are located here, as well as a multifunctional space for diverse events with up to 240 seats, the cafeteria with a coffee bar for the employees, visitors and guests, and the adjacent side rooms.

The core area is home to the glass atrium, which serves to provide fresh air with its abundance of plants and with a light funnel for daylight. In consideration of economic as well as ecological requirements, the thermal discharge from the computing centre will be used for the supply of energy.


In the adjacent water basin, the shape of the ground floor and the towering second floor with its red painted underside are reflected. A footbridge spans the water from the stair rotunda in the east all the way to the edge of the water basin, providing employees with an additional open space for their breaks.

The contoured, wooden building, which is transparent on all sides, provides a great view of the Ortenburg across the fields and meadows, all the way to the A4 and the urban area nearby. The light funnel penetrates the building over both floors, thereby connecting them.

The upper storey has an useable area of 2100 square metres and room for 150 employees, for whom this open-space office landscape serves as a diverse networking opportunity for the organisation and design of their work space. Solar tubes along the longitudinal axis provide the best possible natural lighting for the work stations in the core area.

The spatial impression is essentially characterised through the wooden construction and the bearing structure of stringers and crossbeams, which form the roofscape of the building with their varying heights, and that, through a two degree inclination of the roof, make additional drainage redundant. Rainwater guides lead the surface water directly to the trap openings on the east side of the roof, where the rainwater cascades down like a waterfall into the water basin underneath, highlighting the natural treatment of water.

Around 100 employee parking spaces are incorporated into the existing terrain along the eastern and western sides of the computing centre nestled in between trees and plants.


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