More with Less

Carbon Pavilion, Dresden

The Berlin Institute for Population and Development believes that the world’s population will reach 8 billion by the year 2025. With the rise in population, our daily need for diverse resources will also continue to grow. As architects and building engineers, we can contribute to this development by creating new solutions in the form of construction and production processes, that require fewer resources and that are considerably more efficient than present methods.

We have developed a philosophy – MORE WITH LESS: more quality, more consistency – less resources, less CO2 emissions.
The 5.0 m in diameter CARBON PAVILION is an example of how new technological possibilities can provide interesting solutions for future-oriented lightweight structures. The CARBON CONCRETE is just 25mm thick and at the connecting joints only 50mm. The elegant structure serves as a research and test object that will be used to observe the load-bearing, strain and deformation parameters as well as the vibration characteristics of the material during daily use and stresses. Also possible formation of cracks will be closely monitored.

During the test period, the CARBON PAVILION will function as an info lounge and study object for those who are interested as well as the construction branch, specialists, engineers and students. Medium-term, the lightweight structure serves as a preliminary object for the further development of a residential 18.0m in diameter "lens" for living purposes. The "lens" will incorporate further technological developments such as a holographic façade, integrated lighting filaments and a highly effective surface temperature control system.

Photos: Lukas Liebig