gpac was founded in Dresden in 1995. At the head of the firm is Gerd Priebe. Our offices are centrally located in Dresden in the Carriage House not far from the river Elbe. In 2018 the Carriage House received the ICONIC AWARD in the field of architecture for its implementation of innovative materials. Over the past 10 years, gpac has developed an active architecture studio for holistic building design that is committed to joining nature and mankind. The Saegeling Medical Technology Building in Heidenau, designed and realized by gpac in 2009, was one of the first buildings to be certified with the German Seal for Sustainable Building. Leading the way in innovation, gpac, together with its cooperation partners in the Network texton, have built the first accessible building made of carbon concrete and are driving further developments in textile reinforced concrete.

As part of an advanced knowledge community, gpac and its network, follow an interdisciplinary planning process and implement the cradle-to-cradle principle from the very start of a project. By following the Quality Management Standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and Building Information Modeling, gpac ensures high process reliability, transparency and an efficient interface-management.

GERD PRIEBE ARCHITECTS & CONSULTANTS zertifiziert Ihre Projekte nach dem DGNB System für Gebäude im Betrieb und führt die dazugehörige ESG-Verifikation zur EU-Taxonomie durch.


Our architecture reflects the complexity of our real life clients. It is especially important to us to find individual solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. Giving shape to the needs and vision of our clients is our profession; precision is our craft; and creating beauty our talent.


It is important for us to explore and understand the visions, desires and goals of our clients. Assessing the needs, joint discussions and weighing the project parameters builds the foundation of our architecture. gpac works methodically, thinks inspiringly and carefully chooses its resources.


There is hardly any other branch where the relationship between partners is as important for the end results as it is in architecture. Extraordinary architecture is the result of a conducive and honest working relationship. With this in mind, gpac strives to create an open and trusting collaboration with all parties involved.


Am 27. Mai 2019 wurde das Kutscherhaus mit einer Anerkennung im Rahmen der Vergabe des Sächsischen Staatspreises für Baukultur 2019 ausgezeichnet. Wir freuen uns, dass die Jury die Inhalte und Leistungen unseres Projektes KUTSCHERHAUS – DenkMalAnders würdigte.

Die Begründung der Jury

Der Einbau im denkmalgeschützten, aber nur mit den Außenmauern erhaltenen Kutscherhaus mit einem komplexen Holzbau als begehbares Möbel unter Einbeziehung gestalterischer, konstruktiver und technischer Sonderlösungen stellt eine innovative und nachhaltige Weiternutzung des historischen Gebäudebestandes dar. Die komplexe Konstruktion aus BauBuche ist in einem späteren Bedarfsfalle weitgehend recyclebar.

Mit der Anerkennung werden Idee, technische Lösungen, disziplinierte Planung und Fertigung, Bauherrenmanagement und Bereitschaft zum Experiment dieses individuellen Einzelbaus gewürdigt.

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Boden-Peroche