Integrating Shapes

Kreisverwaltung Gummersbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen

The Bergisch district building, erected in the 1970’s no longer conformed to the planning and building laws and regulations, nor did it serve the functional and technical requirements of a modern and efficient administration. With this in mind, the building was given a complete retro-fit: it was enlarged and architecturally re-designed to meet modern needs.

Because of the building’s importance in the city fabric and due to the topography of the site, a new building was designed as a circular sector, which envelops the existing high-rise. In this way, the building could be neutrally integrated into the existing structure and property. The architectural form of the main entrance forms a link to a building further along the street, which is planned for the next building stage. The formal, rounded structure forms a spacious interior that functions as an entry foyer and exhibition space.

The structural elements of the high-rise are exposed in this area and create an open gallery landscape. A circular-shaped glass roof and the several story-high glazing flood the space with daylight. To meet fire safety regulations, a second stairwell was added onto the exterior of the high-rise, which connects the parking garage with all floors in the building. The large glass surfaces of the transparent façade facing the city center reflect the surrounding buildings and the environment.


Kreisverwaltung Gummersbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen




23 Mio Euro


Office Space, Conference Rooms, Foyer, Gallery, Fire Station, Parking

Award of contract

Competition 1st Place

Services Provided

Architectural and Technical Planning, Demolition and Retro-fit, Interior Design, Landscape Planning, Building Equipment / Furnishings

Gerd Priebe – Dévény & Partner